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About Animal Management

Animal management involves the control and regulation of pet (companion) animals by Local Government. In Australia, Urban animal management is a Local Government service intended to realise the following two goals:

  1. Effectively promote responsible and considerate pet animal ownership.
  2. Effectively minimise public pet nuisance.

Animal management involves working with an interactive mix of the following three separate complex scientific disciplines:

  1. Animal behaviour,
  2. Human behaviour, and
  3. Community behaviour.

Animal management is a municipal service that dovetails with Government’s quadruple bottom line of:

  1. Community (public health, welfare and amenity),
  2. Economy (commercial activity and employment),
  3. Environment (wildlife and habitat protection), and
  4. Governance (transparency and integrity of community service delivery).

Animal management includes the following three main delivery phases:

  1. Public awareness,
  2. Regulation, and
  3. The provision of necessary community infrastructure.

OUR VISION: AIAM, in the finish, hopes to have been instrumental in promoting a standard of Local Government Animal Management service for Australia that has shaped ours as being one of the most sensible, responsible and considerate urban animal owning communities in the world.

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