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What’s The Best Way to Recover from Alcohol Addiction?

According to a major research effort taken out in early 2016 by Transformations Treatment Center, it was revealed that cases of alcohol addictions have seen a rapid increase within Florida and the general USA. It’s said that roughly 10,000 new addicts will admit themselves into rehab every year and although the majority of clinics are well-versed in treating their patients and offering the best chances of recovery – it’s mind-blowing to learn that just 35% of that number will go on recover fully.

If you’re currently facing an addiction, then you might be wondering how best to maximise your potential to recover and join the roughly 3,500 people each year that go on to live completely sober lives. It’s not just heroin abuse that is on the rise; there’s also ecstasy, amphetamines and cocaine to consider – and if left untreated, this type of abuse can end up being fatal.

Increases In Alcohol Consumption Worldwide

See Note: 1 (below)

When asking ‘how can I recover from alcohol addiction’, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are several options available to you

The first, and possibly the most popular, is via alcohol rehab; usually by signing up to a course as provided by a rehabilitation centre. These facilities feature some of the most advanced features and functions that wouldn’t be available to members of the general public. It’s these clinics that are responsible for helping as many addicts as they do each year.

If you’d prefer to attempt to recover alone, then the next best thing would be to seek legal advice before attempting to rid yourself of your addiction. If you’ve made a habit of consuming, ingesting, or injecting narcotics for any period of time beyond a couple of weeks, then your body may have started to develop a dependency on the chemical compounds contained within the alcohols themselves.

If you suddenly attempt to detox your body of these substances without properly weaning yourself off of them, then you may start to find your metabolism reacting. In minor instances this can result in pain that can last for days, if not weeks. In extreme circumstances however, the internal dependency can actually lead to the shutting down of organs – which as you might imagine, can end up being fatal.

Other Options

There are alternative options out there, but these are best left un-mentioned as they can be quite dangerous to attempt alone and without the proper guidance of a medical expert. In all instances of addiction it’s imperative that an addict, whether you are the victim or if you know of someone that could do with help, seeks the advice of professionals.

Even general medical practitioners will be able to refer their patients to rehabilitation centres and there are some clinics that are free to use and offered by certain religions. Christian alcohol rehab centres for example are ideal for those that don’t have the budget to be able to afford an expensive rehabilitation course, without losing out on the potential to recover.


Note: 1

Italy -42.5
France -23.6
Slovenia -22.1
Greece -21
Portugal -20.6
Germany -20.3
Luxembourg -19.7
Slovak Republic -19.7
Spain -19
Switzerland -18.7
Japan -18
Belgium -16.2
Austria -15.9
South Africa -14.3
Hungary -12.3
Denmark -11.8
Netherlands -7
Mexico -3.8
New Zealand -3.1
Czech Republic -2.5
Average -2.5
US -1.1
Korea 0
Turkey 0
Indonesia 0
Chile 1.3
Australia 2
Canada 2.6
Ireland 2.6
UK 9.3
Finland 10.1
Sweden 15.9
Poland 24.1
Iceland 34
Norway 36.2
Brazil 39.6
Israel 50
China 52.6
India 56.3
Estonia 57.7
Russia 57.7

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Alcohol Use Disorder

The chemistry of alcohol allows it to affect nearly every type of cell in the body, including those in the central nervous system. After prolonged exposure to alcohol, the brain becomes dependent on it. Drinking steadily and consistently over time can produce dependence and cause withdrawal symptoms during periods of abstinence.


  1. My sister drinks everyday … Last 20 years my family trying everything but nothing works… She don't realize how much hurt us… I am just pray one day she will stop drinking

  2. As soon as he mentioned the Fellowship, aka AA, I recoiled. AA seriously messed me up. I left meetings thinking of alcohol after I had walked in just fine.

  3. great point about not trying to do it alone ….
    best words I've heard with regard to that are " you alone can recover but you can't recover alone"

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  5. I've been 2 years sober and here's how I did it – Stay away from cunts and start looking after number one and number one only; nourish yourself with good things, ya know like you do with a car and a nice pair of shoes. Also don't be a cunt and remember the world doesn't revolve around you; don't be a selfish/spoilt cunt and start looking after yourself properly instead of hurting those who love you and yourself! If a 'friend' asks you if you want a drink and they know you've given up tell them to fuck off and keep your distance because they are the devil sitting on your shoulder (not really but you get my drift)… Stay beautiful X

  6. there are different levels of alcoholism some are worse than others. Some wake up shaking and drinking all day, some wait till 4 and only have a few a day. some people can quit on there own some can't. Everyone does not need professional help, that may just be overpriced crap another way to lose your money

  7. Could doing a fecal transplant from a donor that had long trim continuous sobriety have a positive effects on someone that was struggling to get or stay sober?

    If mice get fat from transplants from obese mice than why not expect a similar result in relationship to craving for mood altering substances.

    The transfer of microbiome might already be playing out in a passive manor in many 12 step programs as members meet 3 or 4 times a week in small rooms often hugging and holding hands that would result in the sharing of micros associated with continuous lengths of sobriety.

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  9. Are you or a loved one struggling with prescription painkillers, alcohol or street drugs like heroin? Call our drug abuse hotline to be connected with one of our rehabs or detox centers and start your new life today.
    For immediate treatment help call:(888) 910-6576

  10. Yeah, that's easy to explain in 4 minutes. Give the man another 4 minutes and maybe he'll bring world peace to us all. In all seriousness, if you want to do a video on a very serious topic, do NOT allocate all of 4 minutes to the subject. This is pathetic.

  11. He's right about the nature of discomfort and tolerance. But it should be noted that the rest of what he said ("I didn't have a choice," "I'll always be an alcoholic", implying he was simply born a certain way that made everything inevitable) are merely opinions fueled by AA. Most doctors or PHD professors would never tell you that "alcoholism" is an incurable "disease." Sure, dependency is a medical issue. But beyond that, the root of addiction is emotional/mental/behavioral.

    The science and data suggest that most "alcoholics" learn to recover from treatment other than AA/12 step fellowships. Not only that, nearly one fifth of alcohol dependent individuals (half of those who recover) eventually return to moderate drinking. There is always risk and it's important to heed caution/get help if you have a problem. But the point is that no two human beings with alcohol/addiction problems are the same. And therefore, should not be spoken about collectively in such a broad manner.

    You do not have to label yourself or buy into the fear-based, black-and-white, all-or-none disease model– that is AA's belief. You are not some powerless mutant. You are a human being capable of great things, above all– change (in any way you see fit). Living an abstinent life is an honorable thing to do but by no means necessary for all. It's actually my opinion that those all-or-none beliefs put far too much pressure on the individual, encourage binges, perpetuates shame, and pushes people to become self fulfilling prophecies. I'm happy some people learn to quit drinking in the rooms but it frustrates me when their beliefs (the beliefs from a 1930s faith based cult with a 5% success rate) get blindly accepted as fact within society. It's time we wake up and start reevaluating the way we look at this.

  12. I think the commonest reason why people stop drinking , it's because they physically can't do it anymore, they just so sick of drinking and it's effects that can't take another another sip. I used to been addicted to taste Of red wine , and 1 bottle every day after work was greatest fun for me. I guess I was addicted, but one day I woke up and realised I don't wanna drink red wine anymore, or any heavy spirit. Don't know why. Just probably had enough. Now drink pint of ruby beer every day, no more, because afraid of feel Ill afterwards. Guess, my liver is slowed down and can't process more than 2 units alcohol in day. I guess, it's a progress, dropping from 13 units to 2 units per day. I still enjoy pint of beer after work but don't feel can drink more than that. Hope that eventually, I will drink less and less.

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